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Mon - Sat: 8:30AM - 4:30 PM | Sun:  CLOSED | 3022 South Cochran Ave Los Angeles CA 90016 |  (323) 939-5528

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My Story

Chef Josette LeBlond is the founder of  Normandie Bakery, a French bakery and restaurant located in Los Angeles that features a varied menu including popular French dishes and pastries, as well as Pâtés. Discover Chef Josette’s mouth-watering dishes on our website, and by visiting us at Normandie Bakery!

Chef Josette LeBlond is the creator of the LA-based Normandie brand, which includes the first fine French Patés manufacturing company in the city, a wholesale bakery that produces over 2,000 baguettes a day and many types of pastries, cakes and bread, as well as a convenient French-Styled Restaurant.

Looking for the best French restaurant in Los Angeles? You probably found it!

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Normandie Bakery is ready to answer all your catering needs, from sandwiches to very sophisticated meals. Chef Josette specializes also in confecting cakes for birthdays and celebration, and is the one and only providers for big names of the US entertainment world. 

Call us now for your next event, dinner, or celebration!

La Tarte Tatin

Tarte Tatin is a tart with caramelized apples with sugar and butter, the dough of which is placed above the filling before baking in the oven. It is then spilled onto a plate and served lukewarm.

$85 for 12 inches | $65 for 9 inches

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