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Ah, what an intriguing blend that would be! Imagine stepping into this covered patio where the delightful essence of an Authentic French Normandie Country Bakery intertwines with Italian charm.

The air carries the fragrant symphony of freshly baked famous Chef Josette baguettes and croissants mingling harmoniously with the aroma of rich Italian espressos and sweet tiramisu. As you enter, the ambiance is a fusion of rustic French countryside and the warm, inviting spirit of an Italian trattoria.

The patio, adorned with cozy, weathered wooden tables and chairs reminiscent of a French Cafe boulangerie, is now complemented by vibrant Italian ceramics and perhaps a touch of Mediterranean greenery. The walls might boast both French pastoral scenes and Italian landscapes, celebrating the beauty of both cultures.

In this delightful amalgamation, you'll find a display case adorned not only with delicate macarons and flaky pastries but also with indulgent blueberry Ricotta pancakes and creamy panna cotta. The open kitchen showcases not just the mastery of French baking but also the artistry of Italian dough-making, with skilled hands shaping pizza dough and rolling out fresh pasta.

As you settle in, perhaps you'll be greeted by a server who effortlessly switches between French and Italian, embodying the seamless blend of these culinary worlds. They'll present you with an array of choices, from a classic croissant to a decadent Tiramisu or a perfect marriage of flavors in a Croque Monsieur topped with a sprinkle of Parmesan, a Normandie Benedict, or a spaghetti polpette.

Thanks to Chef Josette and Chef Franco, this fusion of French and Italian culinary delights offers a unique experience where the best of both worlds converge, inviting you to savor the diverse and exquisite flavors born from this harmonious blend.

Cafe Menu


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JOSETTE LEBLOND, the founder and President of Normandie Pate, Inc., has been manufacturing fine pates, sausages, and bread since she arrived in America in 1985. Today, Josette has expanded the Normandie parent company of her native Normandie. She has owned and franchised Normandie Bakery and Coffee in many areas of Los Angeles. Born in Normandy, France, Josette was raised with a strong work ethic. After finishing grade school, she would assist her father with the charcuterie family business.


Josette opened in Las Vegas in 2000. Like her accent, she has her unique way of making you feel special and comfortable. Proud to be a part of Las Vegas, Josette is very active in the community. She generously donates her time, baked goods, and meals to charity non-profit organizations like Chef 4 Kids and Taste Of The Nation, The Elton John AIDS Foundation to name a few. Josette's energy, perseverance, experience, and love for the business have always kept her moving in the right direction. 


As one gets to know Josette, one can't help but admire this woman for her tenacity. In a short amount of time, she turned one idea into a multi-million dollar business. What makes it even more amazing is that Josette rarely follows the typical American business principles. She has her way of doing things.


In 2022, Josette received the very honorific title of Chevalier of Honor in agriculture during a very private reception in Los Angeles. Her medal was awarded to her by the French Government. The Clark County of Las Vegas Nevada honored her with a very prestigious star in Las Vegas in 2020. Recently, for her lifetime achievement and contribution to the world's prominence of Las Vegas. Chef Josette is sharing her experience and knowledge of her culinary art for a new adventure with LA-based Italian Chef Franco Dominicis (See bio). She is taking a new turn with Normandie Bakery, adding a coffee restaurant to her Normandy Bakery Factory, named "Normandie Café"


Josette has appeared on several international & American TV shows lately to acknowledge her success in America as a self-made woman in business.


She enjoys referring to herself as living the 'French-American dream!'

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